Kathryn Gritt
GMO Research Greenhouse LUNG (Air Pressure Balance System) EntranceMarine Environment Simulation Tank (Pacific)Synthetic Coastal Temperate Range BiomeSynthetic Coastal Desert BiomeSynthetic Arctic BiomeSynthetic Tropical Rainforest Biome (Parrots)Ficus carica Specimen with Retaining Wall and ParetrechinaAtmospheric Facilitation Mechanism (Tropic)Synthetic Boreal Forest BiomeSynthetic Tropical Rainforest Biome (Pond Pump)Synthetic Subtropical Marine BiomeHuman HabitatCoral Rearing PodsGMO Research Crops (High Yield Rice)Facility Air Lock Portal
ArcTICA-3: A Technoetic Earth
We have entered an age of “supernature” where human-made things are behaving more lifelike, and life in general is more engineered. Humans now have the knowledge and capability to replicate amazingly complex natural ecosystems (“synthetic ecologies”). In a time of threatening natural disasters and imperative concerns about global environmental change, these constructed spaces act as genetic refuges, laboratories, utopias, prisons.
My photographs are concerned with the narrative about the dreams and implications of creating a “newer, better, greener” world and the efforts to control it.